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About Us

Why chez Dylan 

Chez Dylan was designed as a four hands between Mother and Son.

This is the story of Andréa Antonioni Sebaoun “the mother” and Dylan Sebaoun “the son”.

The kitchen holds a central place in the heart of the Seaboun family, bringing together all the different personalities and languages… Greek, Italian, Argentinian, American and French… around the same table.

A tribe that above all speaks the same language; that of laughter, pleasure and shared moments, their unifying cement.

Living this happiness, making it a daily ritual and offering it like a welcoming embrace to Parisians, this is the new mission of Chez Dylan. Sharing this love and this story through food, laughter and traditions.

Andréa strives to reproduce the various international cuisines while paying immense attention to details and finishes in order to create a sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere whose decor will recall the glory days of New York glamor with superb art deco touches.

Dylan Sebaoun "the son" embarked on the adventure by taking charge of the Bar, whose exclusive cocktails ensure a unique experience in the image of this cosmopolitan family. Unity is strength, dishes and cocktails maintain a radiant dialogue of magic and youth, making Chez Dylan the restaurant of elegance.The Japanese rib steaks flavored with Chimi-Churri go perfectly with a revisited Bloody-Mary.

Chez Dylan imposes itself through a culinary philosophy inspired by the seasons and their colors, by traditions and their charms, those which revive our hearts and warm us around American, Argentinian and French dishes.

Andréa and Dylan, mother and son, have the perfect recipe for a successful establishment that will allow everyone to express their creativity and individuality.

The 9th arrondissement welcomes this new jewel which will not fail to delight its guests.

At Chez Dylan's

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Our Values 

Chez Dylan is a restaurant & bar inspired by traditional Latin American, American, French and Mediterranean cultures, an emblematic mix of cultural influences. Chez Dylan balances a familiar rusticity with a smart global approach,  A place of high energy that will attract a broad range of people of all ages, where one can enjoy an upscale dinning of steaks, burgers, entree salads, and other dishes representing a more flexible traveled style of eating.

Our Vision

Chez Dylan, embodies casual elegant taste, a homey spirit and a feeling of excellence. It is a classic example for a new generation of dining environment in Paris.

Our Mission

With a long time interest in cooking and recipes , our mission is to create a new restaurant which would seek to marry consistency and quality in a way not seen before in a more casual, full service restaurant.

Our dedication and commitment is to deliver a higher standard to all aspects of the business.

Giving our customers a sort of private dinning.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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