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Thank you Note 
Wishing you all 
Happy Holidays and A Very
Merry Christmas

Dear Clients,
The Chez Dylan Team would like to thank you for accompanying us on this amazing adventure.
Chez Dylan Is a Family project that we have worked on for a long time, a project that came
together over Covid and this past summer we where finally able to work on our space and make it come to life. A Space for people to come together and share stories, a place to connect, a place where Food, Confort and friendship are the ultimate connection.
We where Finally able to open our doors September 21st 2022.
It’s a restaurant about Love and Family, the different kinds of love that make up our world, that makes life sweeter, more complex, at times more painful, and ultimately worth living.
Its language is Food, recipes that we love, that we have discovered on our travels, and that we love to cook at home, time and time again. For us food no matter how simple, or complex, it doesn’t matter its a way of saying we love you, that is why sharing it with all of you is so rewarding and exciting.
We thank you for accompanying us on this amazing adventure, we hope to make you travel with us threw our dishes.

Thanks you for helping make our Dream a reality...
We hope that you will love what we are trying to convey.

Wishing you all the best for this New Coming year

May all your Dreams and Wishes come true

The Chez Dylan Team

Chez Dylan Restaurant- Bar- Lounge 

18 Rue d' Abbeville 

75009 Paris 


+33 (0)1 42 06 71 06

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