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Soirée à Thème

Jeudi 17 Septembre à partir de 18h00 Soiree VIP Grand Opening  

live Chez Dylan by Alba Marchand Jazz Music!


Alba Marchand 

Artist- Singer-French-Brazilian

Alba, Born into a bath of culture, full of colour, fashion, design, music, and everything the 80’s was all about. How could she not stand out, after all she lived a very eccentric life being born to parents who lived fully their existence,  Rosemir de Jesus, a Brazil Dancer/ Model and Michel Marchand Interior Designer in Love with Paris and the 18th Century…

La Rive Gauche was her back yard along with all the Jazz Clubs she could come across      from the South of France to Paris…

In her younger years of Living in the interna she quickly got recognised by the head master, who immediately heard her voice and her talent and put her in the hands of Madame Dieu, who taught her the piano and helped her aline her voice.. the desire for music and her Love of jazz quickly lined up and at 14, owner Jean Pierre of Cafe Frainçois in the South of France gives her, her first chance on Stage, she still remembers what she wore, A Long Black Velvet Skirt that she borrowed from her mom and Lanvin heels, her hair pulled back and a tint of gloss. In her late teens she lived with her dad and worked as a waitress for Laurence at the Blue Note Jazz-Brazilian bar in the year 2000, She practiced Jam sessions on Sunday and Brazilian Songs, she soon lands herself back on stage, and then meets her English husband Ben. Love and Life went so fast that in her 20’s she becomes a mom , two beautiful daughters later and a life of travels keeps her away from her ultimate passion, the stage and singing. Now thanks to all the social medial and her own courage to come out into the light, she becomes the lead singer of the Brazilian Group Koama, who has been around for 30 years. 

We are so honoured and delighted she will be performing at Chez Dylan for our Opening Party and hopefully she will honour us more than once. 

Enjoy this very talented artist who has a smile and energy that lights any room up.

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